May 6th, 2015
Word of welcome from the PresidentsDear Members and Colleagues, It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Web Site of the International Criminal Bar (ICB), which acts as the representative of counsel before the International Criminal Court (ICC).Our objective is to ensure that counsel are able to practice in total independence before the ICC. We assist counsel to speak in a strong and unified voice regarding issues which affect their practice such as Ethics, Legal Aid and Training. Together, we defend one essential principle: to guarantee an equitable trial to victims and accused.The ICB was founded on June 15, 2002, at the Conference of Montreal. It held its first general assembly in Berlin on March 21 and 22, 2003, at which 400 people from more than 50 countries attended.

Members of the ICB Council come from all five continents and represent all of the world?s legal systems. Furthermore, four Council members have been designated as Regional Coordinators respectively for Asia, Latin America and The Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Arab World.

ICB members include national and regional Bars, the largest international organizations of counsel, as well as counsel who are deeply involved in the development of international criminal law. Through the membership of non-governmental organizations, the ICB has the benefit of the experience and perspective which these groups have developed through many years of working towards the creation and implementation of the ICC.

Each new membership adds credence to the fact that we represent all different regions of the world and all of the various legal systems. We all join together to increase government awareness of the need to implement a true system of international criminal law supported by the international community.

We invite you to become a member and share your experience with us. In return, we offer the support of a truly remarkable word-wide organization.

Enjoy your visit. We hope to see you soon!




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